The Art of Asking: Part 4


I’m either fearless or really stupid. I like to think I’m fearless and sometimes I feel like I really just need to bare my heart and soul and put it out to the world. I believe it has something to do with a desire to be seen. Really and truly seen and heard.

My latest zine is a good example of that, sharing my old LiveJournal entries, poems, ramblings of a 19 year old. I already have decided if I do a second issue of the zine, that I will share even more. Share more photos, share more poems, more stories, more present day reflections. I want to be seen, to be heard, and I want to connect. I think I most want to make other people feel something. Even if it is just nostaglia for their own diaries, journals or that teenage angst of bygone years.

Amanda Palmer makes the point in The Art of Asking that we all want to be seen. To be acknowledged. It is rare that we stop and take the time to *SEE* one another sometimes. To let down our guard enough to be seen and to trust someone enough to see us for who we really are.


This particular passage in the book resonated with me:

And there I was, thirty-two years old, at a yoga retreat, desperately trying to find myself, and realizing that everything I’d been doing in my life, artistically, could be summed up like this: 

I think this also explains why one of my favorite songs appears on nearly every mix tape and mix CD I’ve made over the last 10 years: “Three Libras” by A Perfect Circle. It’s all about being seen, or rather, wanting so badly to be seen, and feeling invisible. That we are overlooked or unimportant.

We all need to make it a point to dig deeper than surface conversations, than likes and topical discussions about TV shows or the weather. We need to look one another in the eye, we need to call, we need to write, we need to connect. There needs to be more human interaction, more in person communication, more hugging and more listening. Really listening. Trusting, accepting. Loving. Something tangible. Physical. Real.

Let’s all take a moment and see one another. Connect. Trust. Give. Take. See.