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Fall Fashion Alert: Coach Becomes Cool

When high fashion and horror combine, it’s definitely a win! I’m totally digging The Shining sweater I’m seeing in Coach’s fall adverts!

Here is the sweater from The Shining:


Side by side comparison with the one in Coach’s Fall advertisement:


Definitely a must have for Fall, even if I do live in the desert.

To grab one of your own you can pick one up from Coach’s website for just under $700.

Or purchase one from a handmade seller on Etsy.

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Period Panties

The genius artists over at Harebrained dreamed up Period Panties, ladies underwear with fun themed prints and an extended black liner fabric in the front for coverage, comfort and cuteness during “that time of the month.”  

Earlier this year they launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a whole line of Period Panties and distribute them to a larger audience. I pledged for a pair and was so excited when they arrived. I opted for the Rainbo Firstblood design, because they are so ridiculously awesome. They feature a Rambo-esque Unicorn with a machine gun set against rainbows and stars. Each pair of panties also came with a matching temporary tattoo of the back design. 

periodpanties1 periodpanties2

Period Panties provide coverage without being granny panties and are just a lot of fun. I seriously want to pick up more of their designs now, so I have enough for the whole week. I won a second pair after entering a giveaway Harebrained was having on Facebook. It was a hard choice, but in the end (ha, pun intended) I chose the design called Bloody Hell. 

periodpanties3 periodpanties4

My goth side was wooed by the skulls with batwings, the flames and the devil on the back. They were too bad ass to pass up! The folks at Harebrained also were kind enough to include temporary tattoos for all of their Period Panty designs too. Thank you Harebrained!!! 

Sizing is true to the measurements in their size chart.They run from XS-3XL. My hips are inbetween the measurements given for a size Small and a Medium, but I’ve gained 10 pounds over the last year and ended up ordering a Medium and it fit perfectly. 

Announcements say that even more Period Panty designs are in the works including one that involves Cthulhu, so check them out online and try a pair (or more) out for yourself!