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Resurrected Zombie Flats

It seemed as if my refund check could not come fast enough, when late last week my beloved Iron Fist zombie flats bit the dust. I bought them in July 2009 as a birthday present to myself and Friday at work my red and black striped toes were poking out the sides and top of the shoes! So, as a quick fix, I grabbed some clear packaging tape and MacGyver-ed myself a way to keep my toes safe until I got home.


Enter hot pink Duct tape, black electric tape, a sheet of craft foam and my handy dandy hot glue gun. I removed the temporary-fix clear packaging tape from my shoes and carefully snipped off the cute black bows before reinforcing the soles and edges of the shoe with Duct tape. Then I wrapped the shoes in hot pink Duct tape, and used the electrical tape to make stripes, as well as reinforce the edges where my foot would go into the shoe. I took out and traced the insoles of the shoes onto the craft foam and made 4 total. I used 2 as insoles and the other 2 as outer soles. I secured all with hot glue and glued the bows from the back of the shoes onto the toes. The pink is much more vibrant in person, it’s seriously dayglo pink, but the look comes off as indie/punk. I might try to save more of my shoes this way…


I wore them out to do errands and shopping today and got a few compliments. I know they probably won’t last very long, but I’ve at least prolonged the life of my once-zombie flats for a bit. Plus, the foam is super comfy!

Stay Spooky,