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$12 Can Buy Happiness…

It all started Saturday afternoon.  Nic and I had lunch and decided to stop by the local mall afterwards.  We stopped in a few places and then I asked if we could poke around in Hot Topic.  I was scoping out the sunglasses with Nic when I spotted a pair with a mustache and immediately put them on, calling for Nic to check them out.  As soon as she turned around she bust out laughing and immediately had to try them on herself.  We scoured the racks looking for another pair but didn’t find any, finally while Nic headed to the fitting rooms I asked one of the sales people if they had more and they had a wall full behind the counter!  Much to our delight there were 2 styles of mustache glasses as well!  We each bought a pair and then swapped 😀

We could not stop laughing with these things on.  It was hilarious.  We ended up making adjustments to the mustaches so they had a custom fit, but it was so fun.


While we were in Michael’s to get supplies to add some links to my glasses we noticed a young Picasso had drawn on a cover of one of the magazines at checkout…it was a befitting photo op! 






Our next stop was to head over to My Wine Cellar and visit our friend Jinia and make her jealous of our awesome new sunglasses.

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Welcome My Little Sprinkles of Doom

I finally decided to start an official Gothcupcake blog. Bigger and better than ever! It’s coming upon the one year celebration of the birth of my gothcupcake shop and there is much to celebrate. When I started out I didn’t even have business cards. I used markers, stickers, a photocopy machine and imagination to create makeshift business cards that I handed out to friends and family. Now I have shiny jewelry boxes, the third design of my business cards, fancy new jewelry tags for my latest collection, and a slew of awesome friends. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but truly I wouldn’t have gotten this far with my shop, had it not been for all of the amazing people I’ve met on DIYscene. The men and women on the forum have given me advice, shown me love, helped promote me, and even have purchased from or traded with me. I am very grateful for the friendships I have built there along the way, and I hope they continue to flourish as my mini empire continues to grow.

So, welcome! I have some exciting updates, projects, ideas, vegan recipes, and products that I want to share with you. I look forward to hearing from you!

dark wishes,