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Elvira Look A Like Contest

Since it is the haunting season, there is a contest I am currently entered in for Halloween and I would appreciate any support I could get in the final days! It is an Elvira look-a-like contest hosted by The Zombie Club and the first prize winner not only gets the title of best Elvira look-a-like, but wins a $50 prize. To vote all you have to do is follow the link at the end of this post and comment on my photo. Easy peasy. I plan to use the prize money to purchase a better quality Elvira wig for future Elvira photo shoots and appearances 🙂

While it may seem cheesy of me to write a blog post dedicated to requesting votes, it would also mean a lot to me in a geeky way, being a HUGE Elvira fan since I was little! I basically grew up on Elvira! Here is a little bit more about my obsession with The Mistress of the Dark!

While in college I nearly skipped a semester just to fly to California for the Casket Call for the Search for the Next Elvira television show! My mom encouraged me to enter and I nearly did, but as it got closer to the Casket Call I realized I might lose my financial aid and grants if I took a semester off, so in the end I missed the Casket Call. (When I saw I would have been up against a Playboy bunny, Ms. Monster, and Asia DeVinyl I was embarrassed I had even considered throwing my…er…hats into the ring!)

While working for a Collectibles and Comics shop in Rhode Island, called The Toy Vault,  I had a really awesome boss who gave me free passes to the comic convention the store was vending at where Cassandra Peterson was doing autographs! While it was a small con with a weird “no photos with the celebrities” policy, and while she wasn’t dressed as Elvira, we had a great conversation about vegetarianism (and Cassandra totally went all Elvira when describing her dislike of ordering a salad and not being able to find one without a slab of steak on top of it), good restaurants in the area, all things spooky and I walked away with her autograph: “To Mary Yours Cruelly, Elvira”

I really admire Cassandra Peterson’s drive and marketing skills and really dig the Elvira character, style and films (I regret that the pilot for the Elvira TV show was never picked up!).

In short, I would love to win!

Please click here to comment and cast your vote for me!

As a thank you, if you do vote for me, leave a comment on this blog entry after casting your vote via Facebook, and you will be entered into a drawing for a print of yours truly as The Mistress of the Dark herself!  Hurry! Voting ends October 27th! Feel free to share the link in your networks!

[An update on everything else going on is forthcoming!]

Stay Spooky,



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365 Day 4 and Vegan Sneakers!

My Gothmas gift from the s/o came in the mail today! My vegan sneakers from MooShoes. I’m really chuffed that this particular pair of Macbeth’s even say “vegan” right on the sneaker!

I also love that these ones are all black and have super cushion-y insoles (and song lyrics printed under the insoles!!) I can’t wait to wear these tomorrow ^_^

For day 4 of my 365 project I’m really having great fun drawing these spooky lasses! I’m also really digging the silhouette in this sketch and the cute little bat!

It’s late and I’m too tired to post the muffin recipe tonight, but I will be sure to post it soon…promise!

Stay Spooky,
P.S. Yes, those are khaki pants, I was too excited to change out of my normie work uniform before taking a picture of my awesome new sneakers 😛