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Analog 365 Project Day 172













I was feeling inspired to try an Andy Warhol-esque pop style multiple exposure image. There is only one can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, I shot one exposure with a dark blue flash gel, another exposure with just the plain flash and then a third exposure with a yellow flash gel. The result is cool, but not as trippy as I had hoped. I’d like to play around with this concept more for a future day.


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Analog 365 Project Day 62

Day62 Sunday was another awesome Coffee, Cookies and Crafts event featuring amazing artists, designers, creatives, bakers, businesses and more! We had so much fun!

They day was a bit overcast so I made sure to use my flash for this shot. The subject is one of the amazing robot sculptures by Voigt Metal. I used the flash, but forgot about the flash gel again (d’oh!) I think the red would have popped more without it.

I definitely am going to start taking my camera with me on all of my adventures. I even switched out my purse for a messenger bag that can fit multiple cameras! The first rule of Lomography after all is: Take your Lomo with you wherever you go!


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Holga 135 Review


My introduction to Lomography was through the Holga 135. I can’t quite remember what made me interested in Holga cameras or why I suddenly became obsessed with them, but I do remember looking them up on-line, visiting all sorts of websites and finding all manner of Holga cameras. Then a trip to Urban Outfitters with a friend allowed me to see the new Holga 135 cameras in person and I fell in love. I was tight on cash that day and decided against purchasing the Holga I had fallen in love with at the store–and regretted that decision for MONTHS after!! Until I found the very same Holga 135 for sale on eBay slightly used. I couldn’t pass it up. September 27, 2011 I won her on eBay.

The Holga 135 camera is mostly comprised of plastic, so it is lightweight and easy to tote around. The functions are fairly straightforward as are the instructions in the little pamphlet that came with my Holga 135. Accessories for the Holga 135 are inexpensive (most can be found for less than $20) and the ability to shoot with 35mm film makes it user friendly even for the laziest lomographer since some drug stores still offer 1 hour photo developing services fairly cheap. I chose to start out with a 35mm camera as I was already familiar with the film.

My biggest challenge was getting used to the view finder being right above the lens and getting used to the fact that I need to pay attention to where the lens is pointed for closer shots rather than making sure I can see the whole image in the viewfinder. Many of my shots were off center due to me trying to be able to see everything through the view finder rather than making sure my subject was centered in the lens. Easy n00b mistake.

I also quickly discovered the limitations of the Holga hot shoe flash and at the same time learned a valuable lesson about ISO. The Holga 135 does best with 400 ISO film. The colors are rich and vibrant and the effects the cameras are known best for (light leaks, dreamy imagery, vignetting, etc.) are more apparent in bright settings (either during daylight outdoors or with use of the flash in close proximity indoors).

Here are a few shots I had taken at dusk with black and white vivitar 200 ISO film in my Holga 135:

ImageNotice how hard it is to see the subjects? The flash is not strong enough to photograph at this distance. I was also using a filter, which is not recommended for night time shots with low ISO film!

This shot was taken the same night, at much closer proximity with use of the flash. The photo is much better.

ImageAbove is a photo from my first roll of film with my Holga 135, it was taken with Kodak 200 ISO color film. Notice the vignetting in the corners and the bright saturated colors! (Note: There is also a Holga 135BC which is designed to create Black Corners (hense the BC) on every photo, I wanted the effect to happen naturally in photos so I opted for the regular Holga 135)

Multiple exposures are also possible with the Holga 135, just snap photos one after another without winding the film after each shot and you will have multiple photos on the same frame. I turned the camera at angles to achieve a spiral effect with the above multiple exposure. Image

Above is an example of a shot taken with the Holga 135 flash indoors using Kodak 200 ISO color film. Notice the vignetting and the grain which give the photo a vintage look and feel.

ImageTo compare, this photo was also taken indoors using a flash with the Holga 135 on Kodak 400 ISO color film. There is far less grain to the photo, the subjects are crisp and the colors really pack some punch.

All in all I find the Holga to be a definite conversation starter. People always compliment on my cute quirky Holga and I enjoy adventuring with it and progressing with my photography with the Holga. I would definitely recommend it.

Stay Spooky,


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Happy New Year!

Black Hair

New Hair To Start Off 2012!

I decided that I needed to create a new look for myself this year. After 2 solid years of changing my hair all colors of the rainbow I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it next. I was a little disenchanted with the colors and had done pretty much every color I desired.  It was time to go back to my gothy roots. It was time to go back to black! I got a funky fun cut to go along with it and so far I love it. I really enjoy wearing it in little bouncy evil pigtails. I’m also excited that I will be able to cosplay Selene from Underworld without the need of a wig. A new year is a fresh start, a way to start from scratch, build anew. I will be working on myself, bettering myself, caring for others, becoming more bold, and resisting the urge to hold back. I plan on bettering my business this year as well. 2011 was a year of unsettling unrest both with myself and my life. It did not bode well for my creativity. I made lists before the end of 2011 that I hung on my wall. Lists of goals both small and big, short term and long term, for myself and Gothcupcake. I’m excited to implement my new strategies and create what I hope will be a successful business plan that will more realistically fit in with my creative purpose and need for constant change in life. A new day job has helped make life a little less of a struggle thus far, and has made life less stressful, which gives me energy for creative thinking and activity. My parents gifted me a “sketch-a-day” journal which I have been steadily doodling in daily. It will help keep the creative muscles flexing. I had a customer say to me the other day “You are young…change the world.”

Here’s to changing the world!

Stay Spooky,


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365 Project 24, 25, 26

Thankfully sketching can be done lying down, from the comfort of my couch. I feel really icky today, but found some energy to draw in between naps.
This first picture (Day 26) is a reworking of the “zombify” logo from the makeup jar sketch from the other day. I can’t decide if I like 2 eyeballs in the gooey words or not.

This second sketch (Day 25) is for yesterday, since I didn’t feel up to drawing. It’s a zombie punk girl eating the heart of her date. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This final sketch is Day 24’s. I drew it on the 2nd but didn’t have the energy to take a picture and post it. She sort of looks like Draculaura from the Monster High series, but it wasn’t my initial intention.

To keep my fluids up Frankie Stein lended a hand in making me some raspberry vegan jell-o…
And now I think I’ll take another nap.
Hope you all are enjoying your week!
Stay Spooky,

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365 Day 4 and Vegan Sneakers!

My Gothmas gift from the s/o came in the mail today! My vegan sneakers from MooShoes. I’m really chuffed that this particular pair of Macbeth’s even say “vegan” right on the sneaker!

I also love that these ones are all black and have super cushion-y insoles (and song lyrics printed under the insoles!!) I can’t wait to wear these tomorrow ^_^

For day 4 of my 365 project I’m really having great fun drawing these spooky lasses! I’m also really digging the silhouette in this sketch and the cute little bat!

It’s late and I’m too tired to post the muffin recipe tonight, but I will be sure to post it soon…promise!

Stay Spooky,
P.S. Yes, those are khaki pants, I was too excited to change out of my normie work uniform before taking a picture of my awesome new sneakers 😛