Broken Toe Blues

Last Thursday (a little over a week now) I was making quesadillas and chopping up potatoes for part of the filling. The cutting board was half balanced on the kitchen counter as I was dropping the chopped potatoes into our food processor and I was holding the board with one hand, when the board slipped from my hand and fell, on it’s edge, right across the top of my left foot. I swore like a sailor, and clutched at my throbbing foot. The second toe in from my big toe was quickly swelling and turning a scary red/purple color. I knew without xrays I had definitely broken my toe.

For the first two days I used the aid of a cane to hobble around as I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot without extreme pain. The cane was a gift from a friend who said it had been in lost and found at her work for months and they were going to toss it since no one ever came in to claim it. I was originally hanging onto it for a Riddler cosplay, and for shooing kids off of my damn lawn. Suffice it to say I have much more respect for people who walk with canes and understand why some prefer the comfort and stability of a walker over a cane. After only a few days I began to form a callus in my left hand from putting so much weight on it as I walked. I now shuffle about, with sort of a limp.

That toe has since gotten very close to it’s neighbor, the middle toe, who it is currently wrapped up tightly with and I’ve been trying to keep off my feet to rest it, elevating it and icing it. For the most part the toe has been staying normal size, but it does get a little throbby if I’m on my feet too long.

I have been trying not to panic thinking about all of the walking I’ll be doing in New York just a week from today and hoping that my toe feels much better than it does now in time for my trip. I know that it can take 4-6 weeks for a broken toe to heel though. I will try to refrain from pouting at all the cute shoes I can no longer wear and how limited my choices now are. I have been wearing flipflops when I do have to leave the house and will attempt the adventure of getting my foot into a shoe later this week.

Has anyone else in the blogosphere broken a toe before? How long did it take you to heel? Any tips?

In the meantime I think I’ll paint my toes a cute color so at least they look cute poking out from the tape.




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