Everyone Needs Their Own Soundtrack

Growing up I used to make mixtapes all the time. I was a late 80s/early 90s kid with a boombox and a penchant for recording music off the radio. I came up with crazy names for my mix tapes, created my own track lists with personalized covers and sometimes added Lisa Frank stickers. Finishing a mixtape meant you poked out the little tabs in the top (but I still curse myself for putting tape over the tab holes to tape over my old mixes! Darn boy band phase…)

An ex gave me his old ipod after upgrading to a new model, but after we split up I had no way to update the ipod without losing all the music on it and eventually it stopped working. I replaced it with a cassette walkman and as luck would have it, someone moving out of an apartment in our complex left 2 boxes FULL of cassette tapes for the taking by the dumpsters. [Side note: It was eerie how similar my own taste in music was with this mystery tenant that I wish I could find out who it was if only to thank them for the bounty of music which I split amongst myself, my friends and family!]

Our stereo at home has a dual cassette deck on the front and I got into making mixtapes again. I was inspired to make myself a mixtape, something to serve as my soundtrack, my theme music, something I could give to a stranger and say “This is me.” Well, not definitively of course, because I’m extremely changable and I never feel like I could truly come up with a 100% description of myself in a single cassette, but something pretty close. Something that would make me happy to listen to.

My mix tape is pretty varied and crazy, it has a lot of really great songs on it that I can’t help but dance to. I have been caught on numerous occasions dancing to it at the bus stop. It once earned me a love note from an admirer on the bus. What can I say, I get in a zone when listening to my soundtrack–it makes me feel very much in touch with who I am, unapologetically.

Thusly, I think everyone should have their own personal soundtrack. A collection of music that just makes you feel absolutely like YOU. Something just for yourself. Put the most embarassing songs on it, because it’s not for anyone else but you. Dance your ass off, do the running man in your living room (or at the bus stop), sing along like it’s your own personal karaoke night.

It doesn’t have to be old school cassette style like mine, it can be a playlist on your ipod or a mix CD you pop in your car. Whatever makes YOU happiest and most suits your unique personality.

I’m already planning a volume 2.

Do any of you have your own soundtrack already? Does anyone else still listen to cassette tapes or make mix tapes? Let’s talk music! Let’s swap mixes!



Everyone Needs Their Own Soundtrack


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