Analog 365 Project Day 198

Did a little abstract light painting for this double exposure. I plugged in a row of Christmas tree lights in rainbow colors in the dark and left the shutter open while I moved the camera over the lights in swirls and figure 8 motions. The second exposure I shot with the flash of my face. It looks like my head is surrounded by light and sounds buzzing around me!

I may revisit light painting for future images too.


Analog 365 Project Day 198


2 thoughts on “Analog 365 Project Day 198

  1. This is awesome. Can I ask what camera you used? I LOVE double exposure and would love to do it in analog but my polaroid doesn’t have the function. rubbish!

    • I used the Diana F+ camera with the Instant Back+ and Fuji Instax Mini film! Also, you might want to search YouTube for tutorials by Mijonju, he has a great tutorial on how to take double exposures with polaroid cameras that don’t allow you to.

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