Analog 365 Project Day 185

Fourth of July. Our neighborhood did it’s fireworks a day early, and because I was down with the stomach bug, we missed them. Scott and I had both ordered ISO 100 film to shoot the fireworks with and while there were other cities and towns doing them on the fourth, I still wasn’t feeling so hot and we knew traffic getting home would be a nightmare.

We had planned to go up North to Flagstaff on the Fourth of July, but Scott said I still didn’t look well and he didn’t want to chance a relapse. I didn’t have much energy, so it was for the best that I rested. I was feeling a little better, food was staying down and we even managed to get out of the house and see a movie.

I’m really loving the multiple exposures with various flash gel colors layered on top of one another. It reminds me of photo lithography prints. This one is Scott’s side of the coffee table the first exposure is shot with an orange flash gel and the second exposure without a flash gel. I dig it.


Analog 365 Project Day 185


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