Analog 365 Project Day 181

We left Saturday, camped out overnight in the woods, hiked all day Sunday and came home Sunday night from our camping trip. One thing I will never take for granted and will always be thankful for: a toilet.

Sorry if that was TMI, but on the up side, hooray for pooping in the woods for the first time!

This is a triple exposure, one shot with flash and no gel, one shot with an orange-y/red gel and another shot with blue gel.


Analog 365 Project Day 181


2 thoughts on “Analog 365 Project Day 181

  1. PSsquared says:

    We just spend 3 nights in a place we nicknamed Hotel Despair. It reminded me not to take some things for granted. I bet Payson was pretty, though.

    • Payson was pretty very early in the morning when the air was crisp and cool before it got hot, and Fossil Creek was pretty too with red and blue dragon flies the size of my hand and clear cold water to cool off in.

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