Analog 365 Project Day 162

I had the opportunity to meet one of my on-line friends, Kylie, whom I’ve known for over 5 years. Her and her friend Whitney were driving through Phoenix and we met up for dinner at Green and dessert at Nami! Kylie was super nice, it was finally great meeting in person and Whitney was really nice as well and it was great to hang out with them and share our favorite vegan spots with them!

Here is a picture of 3 out of our 4 Tsoynamis at Green: Kylie had a S’mores (lower left hand corner), I had a Compost (lower right hand corner) and Whitney ordered the Kitty Diddy with Captain Crunch (Upper right). Scott ordered a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Tsoynami (not pictured).

I definitely was envious of Kylie and Whitney’s road trip adventure to Tennessee and it inspired me to plan more travel and adventure of my own!

This photo was taken indoors with flash and pale violet flash gel.


Analog 365 Project Day 162


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