Film Revolution-Analog 365 Project Day 154

I want to start a revolution. An analog revolution, a film photography revolution and I want you to stand with me. My name is Mary Ciesynski and I love film. To me, in this digital age we live in, we would be wise to embrace all the wonderful technological advances we have been given, but not without appreciating and embracing what has led us to this point.

Recently I have seen news stories about Hasselblad discontinuing production of their film cameras to the Chicago Sun Times letting go all of their photographers. Sad stories and scary times! It is as if film photography is now an endangered species and people are still hunting, capturing and mounting cameras on walls instead of letting them roam free to take photographs.

A friend bluntly asked “What is so important about photographs?” he apologized for his abruptness, but the honesty and the truth in his question was poignant. It is a question I’m sure some of you are thinking right now as you read this. Why are photographs, why are cameras, why is film so important? In today’s world of electronic, digital, data-versions of everything from news, magazines, books to music and photos there is so much less that is physical, tangible, in the here and now. With a Polaroid you can literally capture a moment, hold it and see it, carry it with you, send it to a friend, treasure it and leave it for future generations to see and hold and feel.

Photography is an art; it is a way of documenting and preserving history, time, and life. Lewis Hine’s photographs put a stop to child labor. Dorothea Lange’s photographs put a face to the suffering of family’s during the depression, and helped those families overcome poverty by placing them in the public eye. Ansel Adams helped preserve forests and save the environment with his stoic and breathtaking photographs of Yosemite National Park. Photographers changed the world with their photographs, photographs that still exist today.

I am on a mission to capture all of 2013 on film, every day, in some shape or form, in a photograph. I take my camera with me wherever I go, and people ask me about my camera, my project, they get excited and they show interest. They enjoy having their photo taken and I love seeing the pure joy when that little photo pops out of the side of my camera. Even in today’s digital world, with all the technology and advancements, there is still some magic in watching an instant photo develop before your eyes. I hope with each photo posted, with each person I meet, with each word I type I can inspire others to join in the revolution with me. I know there are others out there who believe as passionately and as strongly as I do about keeping film photography alive, about preserving its history, its art. I want you to join me. Clean off the dust from your viewfinder, look out at the world and snap a photo, because this is our time.

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Photo is a triple exposure shot indoors in a semi-dark corner. Each photo was taken with the flash and a different flash gel. The first exposure was shot with a blue flash gel, the second exposure with a magenta flash gel and the final exposure with a yellow flash gel.


Film Revolution-Analog 365 Project Day 154


2 thoughts on “Film Revolution-Analog 365 Project Day 154

  1. Way to go with your project! I too love film and agree with your sentiments about the importance of photographs. I feel sorry for people who don’t appreciate the power of photography – they look but don’t see.

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