Analog 365 Project Day 145

This is not the ideal image I had been hoping for. There were malfunctions with the camera, flash and film and this was the last shot in my camera and it got stuck. This was shot at Phoenix Comic Con for Snap It See It’s theme “Found”, I thought it would be clever to shoot someone dressed as Waldo from the “Where’s Waldo” books. I found this couple in the food court and snapped their photo, but the odd lighting in the food court proved too much for my flash, even 2 feet away from the couple!! I suppose it is better than no photo of the day, but I am disappointed that you also can’t see their cute Waldo hats.

A mis-delivery of my bonus film pack caused me a headache this weekend and I had to do a run to Walmart, and purchased the LAST PACK of instax mini film on Sunday since the film I ordered was being held hostage at our rental office until Tuesday when they reopened and none of the camera shops were open on Sunday!

The moral of the story is, always try to have at least a pack or two of film squirreled away for emergencies and weird freak things that sometimes will happen.


Analog 365 Project Day 145


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