Analog 365 Project Day 129

One of the things I love about photography and my journey through it thus far is that there is always more to discover. There are always more people just as passionate about the art as I am and there are always more communities out there too.

Recently I discovered one of those communities, a website called Snap It See It. A website entirely dedicated to instant photography! While poking around the site I discovered a giveaway they had had some months ago to win a copy of a book called Instant Love. It was a book that kept popping up in my suggestions from and after learning more about it I decided to purchase it.

So far through reading Instant Love, I’ve learned a lot about vintage Polaroid cameras, accessories and films as well as timeless photography tips. I’m still in the process of reading the book, so I won’t do a review on it just yet, but the smell of a new book when it arrived in the mail was amazing and I thought it only fitting that it should be my photo of the day on instant film!

I’ve also embarked on a photography project of my own in addition to the 365 project this year. I want to have classes to get the community involved in shooting with film and I’d love to put together an exhibition and a photography book of my own! I’ve also created a sister blog called Sprockets and Shutters just for photography, you can see the press release for the project and read more about my photography adventures there!

Happy shooting,


Analog 365 Project Day 129


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