Analog 365 Project Day 128

This double exposure what a bit trickier to take than I had initially thought it would be. I love Halloween and all things spooky and I have what other’s would consider to be Halloween decorations hanging up in my home year round. One of those decorations is a black skull and cross bones on our white walls. I tried to take the shot of the decoration as it is on our wall, but the decoration has a sheen to it that caused the flash to bounce off of it too much. In the end I opted to bring the whole project outdoors and use natural sunlight to take the photo.

I took the decoration off the wall and taped it to a piece of white poster board and brought it outside into the sunny morning light. I laid it on the ground where there wouldn’t be a glare off of the paper’s shiny surface from direct sunlight and I took a picture up close.

For the second exposure, still outside and still using natural light only, I took a shot of a bush of orange, red and yellow flowers.

The final result is a skull and crossbones full of flowers and leaves. It took me at least 4 or 5 shots to get the settings and alignment correct (the instant back on my diana camera makes using the view finder difficult, so there is some amount of guess work or tinkering to get images in frame sometimes). I liked the contrast between the skull and the flowers.


Analog 365 Project Day 128


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