Final 5 Countdown!


I only have 5 days left to reach my Kickstarter goal so that I may continue my Analog 365 Project. If you have been a fan of the posts this year since January 1, 2013, please consider making a small donation towards my project so that I can continue until the end of the year. There are great rewards if you pledge, including pins, original prints, pen pal letters and more. Below is the press release for the project. If you have a moment, please visit the link, watch my video and share on your social media. Also, feel free to utilize the press release to help me reach my goal in these final days of the Kickstarter campaign by sharing on your blog or with publications. 

Thank you to everyone who has liked, supported, and followed my blog since the start of my Analog 365 Project (and prior!), I look forward to sharing more photos with you. 


Mary Ciesynski aka Gothcupcake

PRESS RELEASE                                         


Media contact:

Mary Ciesynski



 “A Year in Analog: A 365 Instant Photo Project”

Phoenix, AZ (April 20, 2013) – Announcing Phoenix, Arizona resident, Mary Ciesynski’s first Kickstarter Project “A Year in Analog: A 365 Instant Photo Project” to span all of 2013 by capturing one image a day using a Lomography Diana F+ film camera and Fuji Instax Mini instant film.


I have always believed that everyone is an artist. Everyone has the ability to create art. Everyone sees the world differently and everyone creates and captures that world in some way, in some form. I have always wanted to share my passions with others, and this Kickstarter project is my opportunity to share photography with others through a yearlong Photography project that I hope to exhibit at galleries once it is complete. I need help to keep the project going, so that I can spread the love of film photography, to keep film photography alive, and to inspire others.” –Mary Ciesynski


The Kickstarter for A Year in Analog concludes on April 28, 2013 and Mary is hoping to meet her $1,200.00 goal by then. The funds pledged will be used to purchase necessary supplies to complete the project (film, batteries), allow her to exhibit the completed work in galleries, and host film photography events to share her love of film while teaching others the basics of Film Photography. A Year in Anaglog is unique in that it relies entirely on instant film photography in a digital age, while promoting artistic development within our communities.


Rewards for pledging to A Year in Analog range from exclusive pins designed by the artist, to original photography prints, pen pal-style updates, even a full Film Photography kit, complete with camera, film and instructions! In the spirit of supporting the arts, the high quality videography for the Kickstarter was captured by local Phoenix photographer, artist and performer Katherine Amy Vega and also features photography stills by Ahwatukee photographer Scott Carpentier. For the music, Mary teamed up with Zoog Von Rock of popular industrial band, Angelspit.


***To watch the video and pledge to the project please visit: http://kck.st/YH8U68***

Angelspit: http://www.angelspit.net

Katherine Amy Vega: https://www.facebook.com/KatDesign

Scott Carpentier: https://www.facebook.com/tharnphotography


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