Phoenix Film Photography Day 2013

I have always believed that everyone is an artist. Everyone has the ability to create art. Everyone sees the world differently and everyone creates and captures that world in some way, in some form. I have always wanted to share my passions with others. So, when Lomography created Film Photography Day, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to share my ever-growing passion for photography with others! I put blood, sweat and tears into creating the Phoenix Film Photography Event and despite the rollercoaster of  event planning, despite some set backs, the event was a success!

One of the biggest things for me, was that anyone should be able to attend and have a good time, and even if you had never owned a camera, never shot with film, for one night, for Film Photography Day, you would be a film photographer. Every person who attended received a goodie bag of photography awesomeness including a film camera. The film cameras were disposable and came packaged with the manifesto for Indisposable Concept, an amazing film photography project encouraging people to take something meant to be tossed (a disposable camera) and use it, over a week, to capture 24 images of whatever is indisposable to them in their lives.  It was great hearing people get excited when they opened their goodie bags to find a camera inside!

I reveled in seeing photographers chatting about their cameras, sharing stories, talking about equipment. Models working together for the first time, tons of cameras snapping excitedly. Guests milling about the swap table, exchanging film and cameras for other film and cameras!

As stressful as it was trying to get everything in place, making the pieces of the event work, in the end I think the event achieved what it set out to: to encourage people to let out their inner artist and embrace photography–in some form! I already had guests asking me when the next event was going to be!

It was a culmination of many people coming together to create an event bigger and better than all of us and I hope everyone had fun in the process! Photos to come soon.

Stay Spooky,



2 thoughts on “Phoenix Film Photography Day 2013

  1. Mary…
    All reports were that this was a huge success and the beginning of an active, vibrant, artistic group that many more will enjoy. Epiphany Studios was very pleased to host and meet new friends! Looking forward to the next one!

    • So happy to hear all the reports were good! Thank you so much for allowing us to utilize the amazing space at Epiphany Studios for the event! Many of the guests were really excited to be in such an awesome space and were excited to come back!

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