Film Photography Day!


We have an exciting opportunity to really help spread the analog love on Film Photography Day, but we need some help. When mulling over things I would want if I were to go to a Film Photography Day event, the first that came to mind was a camera. Of course, that would be the bomb diggity, to receive a film camera and really be able to experience, embrace and continue the film photography movement. It would be especially essential and enriching to be able to gift that experience to those new to film photography. In that respect I am attempting to do the impossible and raise $2,000 for 50 analog cameras and film for attendees of the Phoenix Film Photography Fest.

The biggest thing for me is finding a way to keep community involved in the arts–not just in purchasing art–but in creating and living art. I believe by having a better understanding and appreciation for art and artists, people will be more apt to support the arts in their communities. I want our event to inspire art, in this case, the art of film photography, to grow and flourish.

Every little bit will help reach our goal, I have a few sponsors, and a little money of my own and I am working hard to make this a reality. Please feel free to share, reblog, repost and pass this along to others to really help bring art to our community! I have a PayPal donate link below, any amount is appreciated! If you add your mailing address I will send you a photo print that I have taken along with a thank you letter for your donation and for supporting the arts!

Click Here To Make Our Dream A Reality!

Thank you!

Also, you can track our events progress and RSVP by clicking HERE.



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