Analog 365 Project Day 66

Since the majority of the cameras I have been playing around with over the last year or two have been toy cameras with the limitations of f/8 and not much change in shutter speed, I decided to get a better grasp on some of the intricacies of photography by investing in a film SLR camera.

Most people would research the specs on certain camera models, look for reviews on particular brands, and decide on a camera that fit their needs and budget based on a culmination of the above. But I’m weird. I do things differently.

When deciding that I wanted to get a film SLR, I decided I wanted Lydia Deetz’s SLR from Beetlejuice. I had no idea what brand, the specs, or really anything else about it. lydiadeetz1A google search proved unhelpful, as apparently no one else much cared what type of camera she used in the film. I watched the same 4 or 5 scenes to get the details down and spent hours comparing images of cameras to the details I was able to see from the film and decided that Lydia uses a Nikon N2000 camera from 1985. It took me 6 sellers, a few bids, some buy-it-nows and a little coercing to get all the pieces together, but now I’m ready to play and learn how to use my Lydia Deetz camera!

I thought it a fitting choice for Day 66’s photo of the day. Taken indoors with the flash, no gel.


Analog 365 Project Day 66


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