Things I Love Thursday March 7, 2013

The image included in this post is one of my photographs taken with my DianaF+ camera. I put text over it after scanning it into the computer. When I was going through my depression and low self-esteem, one day I was getting dressed and saw, embroidered into the waistband of my pants the words “You are beautiful”, I had not noticed it before and reading it made me cry. It is something we all need to be reminded of sometimes: You are beautiful.

Things I Love Thursday
♥Falling asleep on the couch all snuggled up with my kitty Buttercup ♥ The orange rose I received at the dentist (yes, you read that right) ♥ Taking photos on the walk home with Scott’s old dSLR ♥ The possibility of another camera entering my life ♥ Slowly getting the parts for my Lydia Deetz camera (post to come soon!) ♥ Quiet weekdays when I can wander to my heart’s content ♥ Baking ♥ Scott ♥ Mashed potatoes ♥ Flowers ♥ Being able to take my nose ring out and put it back in for the first time since getting it pierced! (pats self on the back) ♥ Fruit smoothies for breakfast ♥

I hope you are enjoying your Thursday!

If you are interested in purchasing the photo in this post as a print I have some for sale, e-mail me:

Stay Spooky,


Things I Love Thursday March 7, 2013


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