Don’t Miss This Aqua Red Interview!

Today I am doing a feature on the awesome small business and original art clothing line Aqua Red. Their funky line of t-shirts and accessories is gaining momentum and they have an awesome Kickstarter Project going on right now to help keep that momentum going! Read the interview and see more under the cut!


Who started Aqua Red and what inspired its start?

It all started when Myke was trying to find a theme for his portfolio in college back in 2006. When friends noticed that the weird cartoons twisted concepts looked like they could tie together as a theme, he named it Aqua Red (warm and cool shades of color sending their own unique messages together). The biggest inspiration of all the concepts are the little things people tend to overlook that surrounds us. Taking popular culture, mythology, fairy tales, etc., Aqua Red mixes their own kind of humor and shapes the ideas into a brand.


What type of products does Aqua Red offer?

We have released our brand primarily as graphic screen printed tee shirts. Mostly on 100% cotton and made in the USA. In the past couple years we’ve tried releasing small runs of sunglasses, stickers, buttons, wristbands, jackets, etc. We’re hoping with the funding of this campaign we are able to open the floodgates of the phenomena and bring to life a greater array of products.

The artwork is unique and fun; do you have multiple artists creating the art?

Right now the style is all from a single artist, the founder Myke. We’ve met many talented artists each with their own unique take on the concepts and would love to eventually have them come aboard.


Who would you most like to see in Aqua Red?

The brand is for everyone who is young at heart. We’ve had such a privilege in having awesome spokes models represent our brand and invite all who would like to join us. But if we could choose one particular person to be caught wearing an Aqua Red shirt, the president :3

Tell us about your awesome Kickstarter project!

Our Kickstarter is a 60 day campaign introduced by a video we put together kinda last minute (but it was fun shooting). It features our newest designs that were voted for on Facebook a while back. Also, it has previews of each of the rewards that would be available. Every so often, we updated with new information about the rewards and have even announced the release of a brand new design tee making it feature 5 different new designs.


Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Thank you so much everyone! If you haven’t yet please like us on Facebook and of course the campaign Aqua Red Kickstarter. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your dog!  We need as much help as we can and are eternally grateful for every bit of it. Remember you will not be charged the amount you would pledge until the campaign is succeeded and ended on March 18th. Also thank you Mary from GothCupCake for taking time to interview us, you’re awesome and your products are amazing. 😀

D’aw thanks guys!  I pledged, and you should too! Even a dollar would support the arts and small business! There are some really fantastic rewards though, including limited edition shirts, sunglasses, jackets and more, so be sure to give their Kickstarter page a glance!  If you can’t donate, just spread the word! Thanks for reading! 

Stay Spooky,



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