Analog 365 Project Day 36

For day 36 I wanted to take a stab at recreating a photo Lomography had posted on their Facebook page. The photo featured an amazing double exposure that made it look like piano keys were printed onto strips of film. I read somewhere that there was a Tipster article in the Magazine section of the Lomography site which had the how-to on recreating the image. I had a basic idea, but scoured the Tipster section anyway soaking in all the Lomographic knowledge and eventually found the article that I think may have inspired this image.

Day36_first_tryTurns out that the instructions are quite similar to    the trick I used to take a picture of the little Lego man in front of a landscape (see Day 10 of my 365 Project).  It involves taking 2 shots, one of just the film strips and the second of whatever you want to appear on the film strips. The trick is to have a white background on the first shot so that the second image only displays where the dark film is.

The first try was too washed out, I used the flash without any filter, which resulted in a brighter flash and it bounced off of the white background the film was on producing a really washed out result once I shot the second image on top of it. You get the idea but it’s not really what I was going for. I realized why I’ve been favoring the pale violet flash gel: it’s the closest I have in my set to a gray flash gel and is the perfect way to take the flash a step down in order to take indoor shots. Without the flash the indoor images are too dark, with the flash they are overexposed. Enter the pale violet flash gel.

Day36The second image came out much clearer and you can see the colorful film canisters on the strips of film (I thought it would be clever to take a picture of film on strips film with film… Inception anyone?).

I was very excited to recreate the style of image in my own way and can’t wait to test out more new techniques for future images!

Have any techniques you would like to see me try to recreate? Leave a comment, I love a challenge!


Stay Spooky,




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