Analog 365 Project Day 35

I follow Lomography (the company) on Facebook and recently had seen a post of a really awesome photo of piano keys on film! The Facebook photo linked to the original post where the image had been a popular Photo of the Day in 2012. I scoured the Lomography Magazine forum for a Tipster article the artist said she had referenced to take the photo. For hours I searched, read and bookmarked hundreds of how-to’s until I finally found the one she had used as inspiration for her photo!

My first attempt to recreate the amazing double-exposure effect was completely over exposed, nearly all white. I tried a second time without the flash for the first exposure, but with the flash for the second exposure. The first exposure must have been way too dark because you can only see the second exposure clear as day!

Not wanting to waste a third photo I gave up and kept this image as my photo of the day. This is one of the albums Scott picked out from behind Haymaker Guitars last week from the free records. It’s an album by the band Ratt. They have better makeup than I do…


Analog 365 Project Day 35


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