Analog 365 Project Day 27

Sunday was a busy busy day! I did a photoshoot with my friends Colleen and Harley and their children for an upcoming art show. We went our for lunch and hung out, it was great catching up and I think I got some great shots between my vintage LC-A and the Bel Air City Slicker cameras I used!

After getting home from hanging out with Colleen and Harley I went out and did another photoshoot with my friend Nic, for the same art show. I shot her mostly in digital, but I used a few frames with the vintage LC-A too.

After the photoshoot we went to Nami for their Hot Fudge Sundays to have vegan hot fudge sundaes and listen to some live music. We sat on the back patio and I shot this photo of Nic. I had a blue flash gel on when I shot it, but it was dark outside and I think the filter weakened the brightness of the flash. I need to put both photos of Nic together now so she’ll be facing East and West 😛

Catching up on my photo posts, yesterday’s and today’s still to come!

Stay Spooky,


Analog 365 Project Day 27


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