Analog 365 Project Day 26

Day 26 it was pouring rain out, but I *really* wanted to use the pinhole feature on my Diana F+ for my photo of the day. I packed up the tripod, my umbrella and trekked outside to shoot some wet leaves on pavement.

Let me start off by saying that my previous attempts to use the pinhole function all came out totally black. I wasn’t letting in enough light by not leaving the shutter open long enough, or I was attempting to use it in low light settings. With the Diana F+ you can use the pinhole feature with the lens on or off. I opted to use it with the lens off since I’ve yet to do so.

365 Project No. 3_01_26_13_007-2-EditThis is a shot Scott took of me shooting in the rain. I think I’m taking a look at the first shot to make sure it was starting to develop before safely sheltering it in my pocket and attempting a second shot.

The first shot I took I left the shutter open for maybe 10 seconds or so. It was a little dark, but I liked the look of all the leaves spread across the image. The second image has some odd black spots on the photo and I exposed it for nearly a full minute. It was over exposed and too light. I’ve included both shots below.  The darker shot I used as my photo of the day.


I might experiment with more pin hole photos when I have more of a stock of film to play around with. I’m a little tight on the stock at the moment, so I’m trying to keep the experimentation down to a minimum until I can pick up more film!

I might do more work using the tripod as well in order to test out a few other ideas I’ve had.

Will post more photos soon!


Stay Spooky,



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