Analog 365 Project Day 23

Day23Day 23’s photo was a creative experiment that made me fall in love with the idea of abstract photography! It uses a DIY lens filter (more on that in a minute), the notorious pale violet flash gel, and double exposure techniques.

My only regret with this photo is that it’s a bit pale all over and washed out, however, I am loving the one really in focus eye slightly left of center in the photo. Killer!

So, I’d been looking for a kaleidoscopic type of filter for a while and was completely unimpressed with the 4 quadrant style filters I found online, knowing full well from the toys of my youth, that there are multi-faceted pieces of plastic that could easily be shaped into a lens filter for bug-like views.

After Christmas my friends Chris, Nikki, Siena-Marie and I gather for a belated gift exchange. On the top of the gift bag of goodies they gave me there was included a little trinket toy, a plastic mini kaleidoscope type toy with a picture of santa on the side and a little hole in the top to look through.


I took a kitchen skewer and pushed it through the eye hole, popping out the mutlifaceted plastic lens at the bottom of the toy. Lo and behold it is a perfect fit for both my Diana F+ and Holga 135 lenses.  A little tape affixed to the edges secured the multi-faceted lens atop my Diana F+ lens.

IMG_7008I then decided to test it out by taking another self portrait, but instead of just the self portrait I wanted to do a double expsoure. I left the bug view DIY filter on for both exposures, the second shot being that of my black shoulder bag with a white linear bunny motif.

What resulted was a skewed self portrait with one crisp eye and the other looking a bit melted and up and off to the right sort of reminiscent of a Pablo Picasso painting. The bunny motif looks playful laid overtop and my one crisp eye is peering through the head of one of the linear bunnies. Trippy!

I’m still going to try out the pinhole feature, but I was too excited by my new DIY lens not to test it!

Also stay tuned for a special Analog 365 Project announcement coming soon!

IMG_7007Stay Spooky,



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