MoonGipsies Swag!

I’m a sucker for Facebook share and win contests and try to enter as many that interest me (without alienating myself from people) as often as I can. I’ve gotten lucky and won a few times! From a pair of latex skivvies to concert tickets to cute handmade goodies like these from MoonGipsies!

The giveaway was held by MoonGipsies owner, Elaine, to celebrate hitting 1,000 fans! Winners were contacted via private message and then a box of goodies arrived in the mail! The horde included: upcycled giftcard guitar picks, felted earrings, upcycled stationary made from old books, a fun dice cellphone charm, a skull charm, and an assortment of cute whatsits to use as bookmarks, notecards or to craft with from Elaine’s daughter’s shop, Mulchkin.

Check out both shops on Facebook and Etsy for fun and quirky gifts and every day items!

Stay Spooky,

P.S. My non-vegan prizes will be gifted to good homes to my non-vegan friends!


MoonGipsies Swag!


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