Analog 365 Project Day 16

Yesterday’s photo I wanted to experiment with a yellow filter. I took the vibrantly colored lego Joker and set him up on the table, trying not to get extraneous items in the frame, as you can tell I wasn’t entirely successful. I most likely would have redone the shot after seeing this, however, I didn’t get to see the photo until this morning!

Last night after taking the shot I pressed the little button on the back of my instant back to pop out the photo and got a weak sounding ‘grrr’ before it shut off. The batteries had died! It wasn’t until this morning that I was able to run up to Walgreens and pick up another pair of CR2 batteries for my back that I was able to access the shot I had taken last night. Thankfully it had captured the photo! I’ve now added CR2 batteries to my 365 Project Wish List on Amazon. If you’re interested in making a donation of instant film or batteries to the project you can find my wishlist by clicking HERE.

Anything would be greatly appreciated!

Now with fresh batteries I promise a better photo for today, Day 17!

Stay Spooky,


Analog 365 Project Day 16


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