Happy New Year!

I did a lot of talking last year and took some steps to put my plans into action, but this year is already starting to click into place. In October, basically on a whim, I decided that I would go home to RI for my Mom’s birthday in early November–needed to see my parents and sister, needed to be back home. In that visit I realized that we choose to be where we are in life. Seriously, as harsh of a reality that may be for some IT IS OUR CHOICE. [Note: I mean this in a broad sense in terms of “I hate my crummy day job” or “My life is so boring”] Things can change in an instant, we just have to use our bird’s eye view and step back to see it. It’s part of the reason I love travel, I always learn something new about myself and this crazy journey through life with each travel experience. Being away from everything and unplugging really helped point me in the right direction. I highly recommend it to anyone out there.

On the artistic/creative and business endeavor front, I’ve decided to put into practice some of the self help business pod cast and webinar advice I’d gathered this past year. I started in November putting things into motion, testing out ways to have a more steady income while freeing up more time for my creative and artistic endeavors. Financially it was a little rough sometimes after going part time at the day job, but I’ve made it through thus far! One of the biggest things that I find myself doing now is using a little time and effort to set up ways to create income so that I can be making money with less effort to put my energies and efforts into building and growing and enjoying life. It sounds like a get rich quick scheme, but the reality is there are actually many ways to make profit from things you love if you take a little time to look.

I’m also finally in the process of creating my kickstarter for my first self-published book! It will be a photography/poetry book… I’ve already said too much already, but trust me, you won’t want to miss it and I will most definitely keep you up to date on it!

2013 will be the year I kick the “day job” and make my business, my art, my passion and my talents my main source of income, come along with me on the journey!

I’ve also decided to do a 365 analog photo project this year so you can bet your lucky stars this blog will be much more active and interesting than it’s 2012 predecessor!

Here’s to 2013 (13 is my lucky number after all), Cheers!

Stay Spooky,



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