Back To The Drawing Board: New Business Plan

Today I took part in a small business webinar for jewelry designers. Lately my business has strayed away a bit from jewelry, with the focus shifting to makeup and hair accessories. The webinar really opened my eyes to how I really need to sit down and rewrite my business plan. My idea of myself as a business woman, and the way I envision my business does not at all match where I currently stand with my business or as a business woman. Not to go all corporate and start throwing jargon around, but I need to get back to basics: what do I want to carry, who is my target customer, how can I make a living. 

I’ve felt for the last few years as if I was stuck in a rut, and I keep coming back to the same ideas for changes in my business, time to implement them! One thing I always find myself typing when I am asked to describe my business is that Gothcupcake carries clothing. I had t-shirts in my shop once, however, I have been in three fashion shows and have sold numerous custom pieces to friends and coworkers, mended, altered and tailored items for friends and coworkers as well as myself and made my own dresses and costumes for events. I used my tax refund to buy a serger, time to put it to use and actually start making clothing.  

I also find myself daydreaming of the perfect bag, and considering the different bags that I utilize for different outings. I’ve even been designing myself a camera bag. A bag to match my outfit would be superb. It only makes sense to work accessories into the clothing collections. That also means that I can still be left open to do little accessories such as hair accessories and jewelry if I so choose, to go along with each collection. 

The make up is too popular to omit, it is currently my bread and butter and seems to be the only thing I am able to sell in my Etsy shop at the moment. I had an offer from a large retailer to have my eye shadows carried in their stores, so I think the make up is worth keeping around. I also have been considering adding other types of make up to the line to make it more full. 

The aesthetic will still be the same, or at the very least, parallax to my current theme, but I think selling larger items will help me with freeing up time for my hobbies: photography and travel, as well as elevating my business to meet my ideas of how I want it to look as well as bringing me closer to living from it. 

I’ll keep you updated! 

Stay Spooky,



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