Opportunity Knocks

I will be honest, I was starting to get a little down on myself. I’ve been making some sales here and there, but not enough to supplement what I was making at the day job those 2 days a week. The donation project I’ve been working on has been taking up a lot of my time and focus lately, so my business has been getting the back burner as a result. Juggling the day job, the donation project and the business has been a bit of a struggle, but I am really excited with the progress the donation project has made this year and we have reached our goal (hooray!). Finding balance is best and I think I’m finally getting into a rhythm.

I’ve been trying new things, taking risks, taking chances and doing my best to fail as often as possible so that I can dust myself off and try something else, but so far the fails have been small and the things that are blossoming at the moment have definite potential, so I’m excited. I recently was contacted by a possible large whole sale buyer that I’m really excited to work with, and it came just when I was starting to feel a little down on myself for taking my leap. I hadn’t given up, just was pushing myself to find more ways to be successful. I will keep you updated on the whole sale stuff 🙂

Another thing that I have been working on, and that I believe in, is creating a community of other creative minds or like-thinkers around you and supporting one another in any way possible. I’ve been collaborating with some artists for a new idea for my booth this year at Saboten Con, and I’m anxious and nervous, but excited at the same time. The fact that I’m feeling stressed when there is still time is a good thing, it means I’m on my toes! I’m aware and it keeps me motivated to keep moving forward, to keep working.

I had a lovely idea of trying to find a way to allow myself to create, do photography (as hobby or for occasional profit/art merit), and travel. Those three elements seem to be the most important to me at the moment. We’ll see what I can come up with.

I have plans for another camera review, but I want to have another roll of film developed from said camera so that I have more examples to show in the review. So many cameras so little time…

Speaking of cameras, here is the latest on my wish list:

It’s the Lomography Diana Mini Gold Edition. The back is white plastic and the lens has a white plastic barrel which contrasts very nicely with the gold. The Diana mini is smaller and takes the more easily accessible (and more inexpensively developed) 35mm format, which would make it great for travel! Plus the gold is just obnoxious and I would feel like Flava Flav rocking it around my neck. I like that it has the options for square photos as well as split exposures, so you double your pleasure and double your fun with 2 photos on one frame. A bit pricey, but I’m hoping I can earn some more Piggy Points for being active on the Lomography forums to put towards one of these beauties. I would even be happy with the green one. I don’t have a green camera yet.

I won’t wait so long for the next blog! Too much to share!

Stay Spooky,



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