Progress and Happiness

This past week I secured a table at an anime convention at the beginning of September and was put on a mailing list for a Halloween convention at the end of September. I also was approved for a wholesale account with a big name in the alt community for my website. I filled out all of the paperwork and will be sending it off this week to get everything finalized. 

Things seem to be moving a little slowly, but I will be putting in more hours on production now that I have things on the back end set in motion. I’ve learned so far that the little break from work has helped immensely in lifting my spirits and opening up my creativity. I picked up a few art supplies–pencils and acrylics–this weekend to continue with my art and ideas that I have floating around in my mind. I’ve also started thinking of ways to incorporate my artwork into my jewelry and accessories which could prove for some really unique items that have me very excited. 🙂 Also, one of the subjects of my latest paintings keeps popping up in my mind so it will definitely be introduced into the shop in a big way soon. 

Sorry for being so cryptic with this post! I’m excited and want to spill the beans on all of my ideas, but at the same time I want to have some surprises in store too!

I picked up some CDs used this weekend for $2-$6 at the local record store, replacing some of my missing CD collection from my move and adding a new CD to the mix. Music used to be such a big part of my life and now I don’t really listen to my music as much as I would like to. My boyfriend always plays music, but his mood and taste doesn’t always match my own. I’m listening to Kerli’s “Love Is Dead” album right now, one of my treasures from the record store and so far it’s different from what I expected but I like it. 

Had an early birthday brunch with my uncles today and received a camera and some new film to play with! I took Holga out on an adventure taking pictures of motorcycles, flowers and clouds too. I’ve found I really like taking photos of people best though, and want to do more portraits! I can’t wait for my Lomo camera to get here, should be here within another week or two from Ukraine. I’m also waiting on some film to come back from the 4th of July that I hope turned out really nicely because I wanted to enter one of my fireworks photos into a photo contest on Facebook to win a mini Diana camera! 

For my birthday my parents are mailing me boxes of photos I had back home. I want to buy albums and organize the old photos along with my new photos. I think my first camera might be lost forever, I keep having the sinking feeling that it was broken at some point in time and was tossed, but I still have my old photos from it, hopefully they’ll be included in the pictures my parents are mailing! 

No big birthday plans for my 27th birthday. I would like to do something fun for my birthday since since moving to Arizona I haven’t really done anything on my actual birthday and the last birthday party I had was years ago. I have mixed feelings about my birthday, but I think that can be saved for another entry. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that the coming week is full of awesome!

Stay Spooky,



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