Being Creative and Saving Money

I am doing my best these days to save as much as I can so that I can still have money for small social occasions and to have money to cover bills, supplies, etc. now that I am part time at the day job. It will also be good practice for when I switch to doing my art and business full time because I will already be in the habit. 

Today I painted for a few hours. I worked on a painting I started a few weeks ago and started a new painting today as well. I had prepped a few canvases for paintings this week and it felt really good to be painting again. Both paintings are done in very different styles from one another too, which is always interesting. It’s why I always tell people that I don’t really have a style with my art, I do whatever I feel for each piece. Whatever is in me at the moment is what ends up on canvas. It feels good to be creative again, to be making art again, to have ideas again! Such an awesome feeling 🙂 I can’t wait to do more! 

I’ve also started planning more ways to fund my art and my hobbies by entering contests and collaborating with other artists, putting myself out there more and getting involved with other artists, photographers, and communities. Being around other creative people can be inspirational in and of itself, so it would be great to spend more time with artsy folk. 

Even though this last week was my first week part time I really feel like I can do this. Doing my art and my business full time doesn’t seem so unattainable and drastic as it had before I decided to take the plunge and go part time. I will continue working and planning hard to get everything in motion, but I am so much more optimistic and ready than I thought I would be 🙂 

I am also hoping to share more of my hobbies and art with you readers here on the blog! Getting a community of readers and artists to meet up here and share ideas and art together. It’s the motivation behind my photography contest. The more people who enter, the more art that is shared, the more people we will meet, the more ideas we can share. The more people who enter the better the prizes I can buy for the next contest and the more we can spread word about our photography group and the bigger we can grow and share and learn from one another! I really love the artists that I’ve had the pleasure to meet thus far on Lomography and G+, their work is inspiring and their comments and feedback are encouraging. 🙂 I hope to see some of your cake photos in my inbox for the contest so we can make the first one a success! Please feel free to share the contest with your friends and readers!  

I’m off to make more magic… 

Stay Spooky,



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