Break Through! One Step Closer!

My part time request was approved! I am now officially a part-time employee so that I can better myself and my business! I am taking the opportunity to delve into things that make me happy (photography and lomography being at the forefront at the moment) as well as dipping my toes into competitions, more networking opportunities and all chances to collaborate or create art with others! 

While my parents had made a living doing their own work they also made a living manufacturing for other companies and collaborating with other fellow jewelry designers on unique pieces and projects. I would like to apply that concept to my business as well so long as time allows for me to continue to do both effectively and successfully. I am also investing in Gothcupcake’s website which I hope to have up and running before the end of the year! 

There were a few rough patches, times when I felt low and unhappy, but I kept reminding myself that better things were to come, there are good things in my life and lots to look forward to and that things will happen if I keep working to make them happen. I have been much happier these last few weeks as a result and things are starting to fall into place. I want to hold onto this feeling, keep this rhythm going for bigger and better things to come! 

More than anything I am excited to learn new techniques, try new things and make new things. I also need to keep in mind to be my biggest fan, and wear/use my products daily so that I can promote myself. I am also going to finally redesign my business cards to better represent myself. 

Networking at events has been great, but it has been embarrassing when people ask about my mineral makeup and I have to say “There isn’t any up now, but there will be soon.” I think I may just start doing my own labels. As much work as it is I keep putting off ordering fancy labels, and as nice as fancy labels are, in the mean time I’m not making any money when I have everything else I need to make the products. One of my favorite life lessons that keeps popping up is “Work with what you’ve got.” I think it’s time to apply that to my business too. 

Part of me is still nervous that I won’t make it, that I’ve miscalculated, that I’ll hit some bumps along the road, but more of me is confident, excited, ready. 

Here’s to ch-ch-ch-changes! 

Stay Spooky,





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