Taking Action (The continued Journey to Kicking The Day Job)

I’m feeling good. I feel even a little proud of myself. I hashed out some numbers and figured out exactly how much I need to make per week and per month to survive and then looked at how much I currently make at the day job. I made a happy discovery that might be a good temporary fix while I get my rump in gear with my own business. I discovered that if I cut my day job down from working 5 days a week to working 3 days a week I would still be making enough to survive (hooray!) and would be giving myself 2 more days to work on my business and learning new skills to directly advance my business. I put in the request for a schedule change, but it has to be approved. Regardless, having less time at the day job, but still being able to foot my bills and dedicate more time to me and my dream is making me happy. I am making stuff happen! 

I know most articles say “Step out of your comfort zone!” and “Just do it!” or “Quit your day job today and follow your dream!” but when you share living expenses with someone else and suddenly tell them (from the couch, in front of the TV) that you have decided to take hold of your life and quit your job to pursue your dreams, they sort of hold their breath a moment and then smile weakly. They believe in you, but the thought of possibly having to pay all of the expenses all on their lonesome plus your bills is not as appealing. So I am being responsible and weaning myself off the day job…I am still taking a big step out of my comfort zone by kicking the 2 days, not as big of a leap as quitting altogether, but I sort of got excited and sick to my stomach when I thought of just going cold turkey. My gut was telling me I need to take it slower. So steady as she goes.

Exciting thing #2 (was there a #1?): *pats self on back* I also put down a deposit to have the Gothcupcake website finally built! Getting to see the bare bones all put together and learning about server names and hosting has all been enlightening and thrilling. Closer to that dream! It’s so close I can *taste* it! 

All of this excitement has been exciting and has recharged my creative batteries and made me more like my old spooky cupcake-y self. Goth darnit. 

I’ve also been very excited about my charity project, which is already leaps and bounds ahead of itself in comparison to last year in terms of getting the word out and getting connected with others who want to join the cause. It has been very uplifting and inspiring! If you’re interested in checking it out click *HERE* 

I will continue to keep you all updated on this journey and if I change my mind along the way. 

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Taking Action (The continued Journey to Kicking The Day Job)

  1. Super happy to hear! You do need to quit the day job, but taking it little by little, having more time to craft and less time to stress is a good way to do it, and even more important, is the way YOU feel comfortable about doing it, so yay Marycakes!

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