Newspaper Nails With A Twist!

I found a few tutorials on-line for the ever popular newspaper nail look, but not being a huge fan of beige or white nail polish I opted to give the look and upgrade.

What you will need:
-A nail polish color that black text would show up on easily (I opted for orange)
-Newspaper cut into 1″x1″ squares (I used scraps from a Japanese newspaper my Japanese bowl was wrapped in when I went on my trip to Los Angeles)
-A small bowl, cup, or a shot glass with 1/2″-1″ of vodka, everclear or rubbing alcohol
-A shimmer nail polish (optional)
-Nail jewels (optional)
-A clear nail polish
1. Paint your nails with your light/bright nail color. Let dry in between coats to avoid air bubbles.
2. Let nails dry completely.
3. Dip one of your fingers into the alcohol and let sit for 10-20 seconds. Dab excess alcohol off of finger with a tissue–but do not remove any from the nail!
4. Take one of your newspaper squares and place on wet nail, holding down for about 10 seconds or until paper is saturated. Do your best not to move the paper around or else the text will smudge. If you notice any light spots (i.e. spots where the nail wasn’t wet enough for the paper to stick) put a drop of alcohol on the back of the paper and press down.
5. Gently peel off the newspaper. You should have text on your nail!
6. Repeat with your remaining nails.
7. Apply a thin coat of shimmer nail polish if you wish to add some pizzazz, but brush it on lightly to avoid smudging your text! Let the shimmer coat dry to avoid air bubbles.
8. Apply nail jewels if using.
9. Apply a coat of clear nail polish to set nail jewels and further protect your sweet new nails!
This blog was one of the better tutorials for doing the newspaper nails look if you would like step-by-step images click HERE! 😀
I hope you enjoyed my brief tutorial! I would love to see pictures of your newspaper nails!
Stay Spooky,

5 thoughts on “Newspaper Nails With A Twist!

  1. Musical notes sounds fantastic! 😀 I'm a flutist, though I haven't played in years, my flute is in need of terrible repair. I would most likely be better off buying a new one at this point. 😛 Please post a link to your tutorial!

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