Zombie Cupcakes!

My friend Nic just sent me the link to this t-shirt, and it was enough to get me out of bed and order one! Now I’m contemplating ordering another… just to be safe. Sick On Sin has really great cupcake-themed tees as well, I think this may start a collection…

Hope everyone is having a great start to their Saturday morning! Now time for breakfast and cartoons!

Stay Spooky,


6 thoughts on “Zombie Cupcakes!

  1. I've been debating since Deb showed it off, whether to get it or not, or get it as a tee or get it to be reconstructed… it's an awesome tee!

  2. I know! There's another super cute zombie one, where there's a group of zombies thinking about brains and a little zombie is crouched to the side pouting thinking of a sandwich haha I like that one too 😛 I'll have to shop around on there some day and pick up more fun shirts 🙂

  3. mary, i have the other zombie tee you are talking about too! you have to keep your eye on the reckoning though, a shirt you might want could fall out and you'll be SOL as to get one. i think you're safe with the other zombie tee for now since it's high up there on the list but i've lost out on a couple because i wasn't paying attention.

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