365 Day 6 and Sewing!

Good evening everybody! I’m sorry for the late post tonight! Here is my sketch for day 6!

Today my friend Eleonora came over with her sewing machine for some girl talk and a few sewing pointers. It was so funny when she uncovered her sewing machine because we have the same exact one! This made the sewing lesson much easier 🙂
I showed Eleonora how to thread the machine, insert a zipper and she sewed a cute little kitty zipper pouch! Great for cosmetics, change, and other little things!

(Please excuse my goofy face, haha!) It was a lot of fun having a craft day! I can’t wait until we can have another!
I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!
Night and Stay Spooky,


2 thoughts on “365 Day 6 and Sewing!

  1. Thanks Mary, you're an incredible human being, friend, and (very patient) teacher 🙂 I had a lot of fun hanging out with you this afternoon, and hope we can do it more often!I loved the little kitten bag, and already filled it up with my make up.BIG hugLeo.I would like to thank Scott too :)))

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