Weekend Fun Photos!

This weekend I hung out with my friend Nic to search for Jesus (in a literal way, not religious), craft, and eat lasagna. Nic is vegetarian so I made a veganized version of my mother’s lasagna recipe for lunch!

Nic has a much more fun kitchen/apartment than I do, so it was fun taking cooking pictures while there 😀 For example, I do not have a bearded lady painting of Abraham Lincoln in my kitchen, but Nic does:The bowl there in front of Miss (?) Lincoln is TVP soaking up some water and sauce. I like to soak my Textured Vegetable Protein with a little sauce and seasonings to give it more flavor when making lasagna. I also prefer organic noodles:
While the noodles are boiling, I slice up the sausage and grate the mozzerella. Nic has a super cute cheese grater that looks like a mouse!:
Then I layer everything up in a pan and bake it in the oven and it comes out looking like this:

Nic’s kitties were curious while I was cooking, but were well behaved for the most part, here is a picture of Pigeon (the black kitty) and Walrus (the one near the flip flops!):
It was such a nice day out that Nic and I decided to eat lunch out on her patio:

It was beautiful out and this beautiful tree kept us from overheating and gave us a glorious view from her patio:

Despite not finding Jesus, I did find 2 great pairs of shoes while we were out. The crafting wasn’t so successful either, but we shall try again!

How was your weekend?

Stay Spooky,


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