Down With The Sickness

I have been one sick cupcake! Bronchitis and a respiratory infection have slowed me down a little bit, but there’s no stopping the bat sprinkled spookiness that fills my brain from churning out new ideas!

Bondage Bunny’s have been a big seller this holiday season and there are already plans for limited edition versions in upcoming months!

Also in the works is a top secret sexy line of naughty bits for your dark hearts to indulge in! With new lines come new models, so stay tuned for Gothcupcake model features and interviews right here on the blog too!

Boils and Ghouls, if anyone is on the mailing list keep your eyes peeled for a special Gothmas gift arriving in your inbox! If you aren’t already signed up for the mailing list just send an e-mail to gothcupcake@gmail.com subject: “Mailing List”, please include your name and birthday when signing up! It’s that easy! 🙂

More giveaways are in the works and many more exciting new projects are on the horizon, so stayed tuned as Gothcupcake brings in the New Year in style!!

Stay Spooky,


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