Whirl wind!

So much going on in the world of Gothcupcake lately! Despite me saying that the weekend was your last chance for sale items I have extended the sale a little longer, but hope to have it finished by week’s end and new items from here on out!

Gothcupcake is also looking into a convention, we’re currently in the process of working out all of the booking details, so stay tuned as I will keep you updated!

New products are in the works, new surprises are on their way and the Gothcupcake website is almost complete!

Blog contests are coming soon as well as contests for Facebook Fans, and Twitter ghouls!

In the mean time, check out some of the amazing products for sale in the diyscene4charity shop on Etsy. 100% of sales will be donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation! Breast cancer awareness month is coming soon, and this shop has already got a head start. Buy something pink for someone you love and help out a great cause in the process!

Have a great week and Stay Spooky!



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