Tokidoki at Target?!!

Yup! I am surprised and excited about the new Tokidoki line by Simone Legno coming to Target this July (Not that far away!!).

Simone Legno created 4 new characters for the Target line:
Charley (Charlotte)– “a very cute girl who is a tomboy at heart. She is both the creator and leader of the band PUNKSTAR.
Rocco– “a pretty tough boy who is really kind and sensitive
Max– “the hyper drum-playing monkey that actually is very patient during band practice when it goes wild
Paco– “the faithful dog that loves punk rock and follows the band around on tour

The line will include tees and school supplies, everything “from notebooks and binders to backpacks and book covers”. Simone says he loves the sample pieces for the line that he’s seen so far, but if he had to pick a favorite out of the line it would be the tees “as they came out incredibly nice with bright colors”.

Though the line is geared towards preteens and teens, I will most likely be stocking up on cute notebooks and folders (Maybe it will make record-keeping more fun? No? Still boring, oh well, a ghoul can dream!) and maybe even a paco tee. Gotta love a punk rock pup on a skateboard.


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