Old Blue Hair…Not Quite

My hair was pink last week, but instead of my beloved SFX Atomic Pink, I had used what was most convenient at the time: L’Oreal Colour Rays in Fuchsia FLASH, which faded quickly. I was going to pick up some Atomic Pink to put over the faded pink this weekend, but Scott confessed he was not a fan of the pink, but much preferred red. So I pouted for a bit (not in the “red” state of mind) and contemplated the shelves of color at ZIA record exchange before both of us decided on blue. I debated between how dark or light I should go and ended up with something in the middle. So now my hair is Blue Mayhem by Special Effects. I read many good reviews about it on-line, and saw some nice pics of it over at the dyedhair community on livejournal. So now I am a blue haired vixen. Rawr.

Vixens apparently rawr,


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