It’s Now Or Never

I find it a bit ironic that in starting this blog the theme was finding a way to leave my day job, and here I am still trying to figure out the same thing. I am closer, now being part time at said day job instead of full time, however, I believe the reason I am still there is fear. I am afraid of what lies beyond, I am afraid of swimming without my little floaties on and I’m afraid of the big F: failure.

However, at the same time, I feel that if I stay at this dead end, soul sucking job, I am still a failure, for not staying true to myself, my happiness and my desires and well being.

In short it would seem I am at an impasse. Either way I am afraid!! Afraid of doing what it will take to get what I want, or afraid that once I get it, I may not want it after all.

I do feel that my time has come to be brave, look fear in the eye and jump off the cliff into the deep waters below. After all, life is short, we only get to live it once. It’s now or never.

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  1. Lady Lilith
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 19:55:42

    We all have our fears but you are very brave in trying to overcome them. We can all learn a lesson or two.


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