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I just listed a whole bunch of awesome Scare Bows and accessories just in time for the witching season with more new items coming soon! 

Stay Spooky, 


Time Zero = Time to Be Inspired

photo 1 photo 2

I just watched the Time Zero documentary about the final year of Polaroid film production on Netflix. I highly recommend anyone who has a love or interest in film to watch this documentary. I also would love all of the Impossible Project haters to watch this film, to understand what a feat it is they have accomplished.

The photos above are photographs shot on Impossible Project SX-70 B&W black frame film. It is by far one of the best films I have ever shot from them, the image developed almost immediately (highly improved on the very early 30-45 minute development times when they were first starting out!). 


One of my first photos on my first pack of IP SX-70 color film, which needed to be shaded in the dark to develop.

Time Zero was sad, but also inspiring, liberating, and uplifting. It also made me want to do whatever I can to go buy a case of Impossible Project film! They are amazing people. I supported them in the beginning and I still stand by them today. Talk of their downsizing makes me a little nervous, but the hope is that the focus will be back on the film itself and making an even better instant film for people to enjoy. 

In addition to the Impossible Project there are other instant films out there… 


In 2013 I used Fuji Instax mini film for a 365 project, taking one shot on instant film a day for most of the year (until I ran out of money and film in November). The entire project made me fall in love even more with instant film. That same year, however, Fuji announced that it would stop producing one of it’s most beloved films from their line: Fuji FP-3000b. No one else has picked up the packfilm, or tried to save it. Which just goes to show what a big deal it was for Florian “Doc” Kaps PhD and those behind Impossible Project’s to take on the risk and attempt to reproduce Polaroid’s integral films. Impossible Project is still working on improving their current line of films, and said it did not plan on producing FP3000b anytime soon. Understandable, since they are still perfecting on their own formula. However, not all is lost, there is someone else making waves in packfilm production.


Shot in a Polaroid 100 camera on Fuji FP3000b packfilm.

New55 is a project I had been following for years on Blogspot, where Bob Crowley and Sam Hiser were trying to work out how to produce a product similar to Polaroid’s packfilms. They finally decided to get funding to produce on a larger scale with a Kickstarter campaign. As of right now, after the successful funding of their Kickstarter, the New55 project is working on getting the chemicals and supplies needed to produce it’s film in a limited run and shop it around to potential manufacturers. 

In the face of adversity, it is refreshing to see companies standing up for film, for the history of film, and not only keeping film alive, but creating new versions of these film products, especially in a digital era. It will be interesting to see what else happens in the world of film, what new frontiers are created and what new artists emerge. I hope to hold a place somewhere at the forefront with these visionaries. 

Long live film! 


Clap Your Hands If You Believe!

Lately I have realized I have a hard time believing in myself. It is not only important in order to be happy, but also, in order to succeed. You must believe in yourself and what you do.

As a reminder, I made this really sloppy stamping, I plan on turning it into a necklace, so whenever I need that extra push, I’ll be reminded to believe in myself. I believe in me!

Do you have any daily mantras or tricks to get you motivated? Tell me about them!


Period Panties

The genius artists over at Harebrained dreamed up Period Panties, ladies underwear with fun themed prints and an extended black liner fabric in the front for coverage, comfort and cuteness during “that time of the month.”  

Earlier this year they launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a whole line of Period Panties and distribute them to a larger audience. I pledged for a pair and was so excited when they arrived. I opted for the Rainbo Firstblood design, because they are so ridiculously awesome. They feature a Rambo-esque Unicorn with a machine gun set against rainbows and stars. Each pair of panties also came with a matching temporary tattoo of the back design. 

periodpanties1 periodpanties2

Period Panties provide coverage without being granny panties and are just a lot of fun. I seriously want to pick up more of their designs now, so I have enough for the whole week. I won a second pair after entering a giveaway Harebrained was having on Facebook. It was a hard choice, but in the end (ha, pun intended) I chose the design called Bloody Hell. 

periodpanties3 periodpanties4

My goth side was wooed by the skulls with batwings, the flames and the devil on the back. They were too bad ass to pass up! The folks at Harebrained also were kind enough to include temporary tattoos for all of their Period Panty designs too. Thank you Harebrained!!! 

Sizing is true to the measurements in their size chart.They run from XS-3XL. My hips are inbetween the measurements given for a size Small and a Medium, but I’ve gained 10 pounds over the last year and ended up ordering a Medium and it fit perfectly. 

Announcements say that even more Period Panty designs are in the works including one that involves Cthulhu, so check them out online and try a pair (or more) out for yourself! 


Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night

I quit my day job. 

It may have been the smartest, liberating and, the scariest, dumbest thing I have ever done, but I am proud of myself. It was really starting to take it’s toll on my health, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I put in my notice after I returned from my trip to New York City. 

I was too afraid to quit because I didn’t know if I could survive, but I had a last pay check and managed to get enough money together through Etsy sales to pay most of my bills this first month on my own. It’s hard to adjust to working for yourself and figuring out money and bills without a pay schedule, but it will all fall into place soon. It also may not have been the brightest to quit after taking a month off from the Etsy shops too, but it is what it is. 

Everyone asks what I’m doing to make money: I’m selling prints, focusing on hosting craft and photography workshops, making camera straps and items for my Film Photography Revolution Etsy store and restocking and gearing up for new products in my Gothcupcake Etsy store.

I’ve started doing some freelance writing for Lomography, Geek News Network and soon The Food Punks foodie blog. It pushes me to be creative, gives me structure, deadlines and keeps me sharp. Plus, I enjoy writing!

I’m organizing and curating a film photography show next month in downtown Phoenix, at Treehouse Bakery, featuring photography prints from myself and members of the Arizona Film Photography Club. I will have more time to dedicate to my photography and the photo club.

I’m also learning to play the harmonica, the guitar and finally going to sit down and spend a day figuring out how to use my serger! Goth darnit!

I’m keeping busy to say the least. Figuring it all out as I go. I think the key is to believe in myself more, have the confidence that I can do it and work hard. Wish me luck! (A little luck never hurt, right?)


The Big Apple: Part 1


Well, first things first, I am back from my trip to New York City and my first solo photography exhibition at the Lomography Gallery Store. It was an incredible trip, many parts I felt like I was in a movie, cheesy cliches and all, and I was so happy to have my friend Katie there to share the experience with me. I couldn’t have done it without her! 

The morning I was leaving for New York I was so anxious I was physically ill, so much so that Katie was concerned! I slept off some of my nerves in the car ride to the train station, some fresh air, water and food helped. I perked up a little by the time we got to the train station and were on our way. While on the train we passed a run down house with a handmade banner affixed to it’s cluttered deck. The banner read, in black spray paint: “YOU ALREADY SUCCEEDED” 

In that moment I felt all of my anxiety fade away, I was on my way to New York City, to show my art in my very own show, I had made it. Frank Sinatra kicked in “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere” and suddenly I was enjoying myself. New York, New York. 


I am still getting my film that I shot in New York back from the lab and Scott is helping me develop the black and white film at home, so it is coming back to me in batches. The image above is a print sale I’m hosting with some of the images I’ve already developed from my trip, if you would like to be one of the first to get your hands on my New York photos before I have an exhibition of them feel free to drop me an email or comment with your print choices and PayPal email address for an invoice. Photo A is from Rhode Island and photos B and C are from New York. 

Photo A was taken at Oakland Beach, in Warwick, Rhode Island during a Classic Car Tuesday event with a live DJ playing oldies favorites. I shot that image through the back of a VW bus that I fell in love with. I just love their fat fronts and rounded edges and big headlights. 


Photo B is going to sound a little silly, but you don’t see many water towers in Phoenix, AZ. There were lots of water towers back home in Rhode Island and seeing them in New York amidst Gotham City-esque skylines made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. You can find water towers further north in Arizona, but still not as many as you’d find near the sea. 

Photo C is the building I fell in love with while we were in New York, it was across the street from our hotel and it was my muse for most of the trip, to the point that Katie yelled at me for taking so many pictures of it “You’re going to get back home and only have pictures of that building!” On our final day there I asked the concierge at our hotel what that building was “You thinking of living there?,” he asked “You better start saving up. It’s the Ansonia building.”


Wikipedia gives some great history on the building, such as how it used to have a farm on the roof when it was a hotel and was referred to as “The farm in the sky.” I did take more than just photos of the Ansonia while in New York though, and I’ll be sure to go into more exciting details from the trip in future posts as I get my film scanned and ready to share with you! 

For now, keep following your dreams and trust in yourself and the universe. I’ll do the same.

Much Love, 


Martin Scorsese Urging to Keep Film Alive

Yes!!! Everything he says here, yes! This can also be applied to photographic film, not just movies.

Film is also an art form, and young people who are driven to make films should have access to the tools and materials that were the building blocks of that art form. Would anyone dream of telling young artists to throw away their paints and canvases because iPads are so much easier to carry? Of course not. In the history of motion pictures, only a minuscule percentage of the works comprising our art form was not shot on film. Everything we do in HD is an effort to re-create the look of film. Film, even now, offers a richer visual palette than HD.

He also warned that film remains the only proven archival medium that can last a least a century without the need to migrate to new media. Scorsese said: “We have to remember that film is still the best and only time-proven way to preserve movies. We have no assurance that digital information will last, but we know that film will, if properly stored and cared for. … This news is a positive step toward preserving film, the art form we love.” -Martin Scorsese

An exerpt from the original article from The Hollywood Reporter by Carolyn Giardina 

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